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General information

2. FEDERAL LAW ODOMETER POLICY. Carriage Trade Auto Auction does not guarantee the accuracy of odometer readings on any consigned vehicle. The transaction is strictly between the buyer and the seller and the Auction assumes no responsibility.
3. TAMPERING. Any person found tampering with or removing equipment from vehicles will be suspended from the Auction and prosecuted by law. Dealers will be held responsible for their employees.
4. BUYER DEFAULT. The Auction will positively not be held responsible for the buyer faulting on or failing to pay for a vehicle.
5. FEES. Carriage Trade charges a buyers fee for all vehicles sold in addition to the sale price. Also a seller’s fee will be deducted from the proceeds to the seller. Please ask for a rate card to avoid a mis-understanding.
6. REPOSSESSION PAPERS. Certain financial institutions prefer to sell vehicles with repossession papers rather than clear Titles. If you wish to be made aware, you must ask the person representing the vehicle on the podium.
7. Vehicles without a Public Vehicle Identification Number (V.I.N.) cannot be sold through this auction. We will normally not offer for sale a vehicle with a Specially Assigned Serial Number Plate. Any vehicle that doesn’t have a Warranty Sticker or has a Warranty Sticker that doesn’t match the V.I.N. plate must be checked by the State Police and/or National Auto Theft Bureau before it can be offered for sale.
8. Flood, Police, Taxi, Reconstructed and Salvage Titled Vehicles: Any vehicle with flood, police, taxi, reconstructed or salvage history will only be sold “AS-IS” provided a proper announcement is made. These vehicles can only be sold to DEALERS. ABSOLUTELY NO RETAIL BUYERS CAN BUY THESE VEHICLES. Salvage papers are not accepted at auction. These vehicles must have a negotiable title. Sellers who neglect to announce these vehicles will be required to repurchase these units regardless of the circumstances, or to make a suitable adjustment. Buyers of this type of automobile should contact their state titling authority prior to purchasing these vehicles to ascertain what requirements they must meet to retail these units.
9. There are not warranties expressed or implied of merchantability or fitness for particular purpose of vehicles.
10. Vehicles are sold with all visible defects at time of sale including any and all missing parts and equipment.
11. Management reserves the right to reject any Motor Vehicle offered for sale and/or to refuse to warrant the title to any vehicle sold. Management also reserves the right to void a transaction. Management’s decision shall be at its sole discretion, without need for disclosure of grounds for exception, and shall be final. In matters of interpretation of the Auction Policy, the decision of the Auction Management shall be final.

Buyer information

1. All buyers must be registered and approved at this auction BEFORE conducting any business
2. Retail buyers must have a valid driver’s license and social security number.
3. All Dealers must be licensed and maintain current dealer tags. Dealers must be approved by this auction before business checks can be accepted. Representatives of a Pennsylvania dealer, whether buying or selling, must by Pennsylvania law have a valid salesman’s license.
4. Dealers may pay by business check with auction approval only. Business check and I.D. card must be identical to buyers of vehicles. Each dealer will be granted a check credit line based on individual worthiness.
5. Dealer authorized buyers must be in writing signed by dealer principal.
6. All persons are required to enter their name on sign-in register upon receiving a brochure. If your intention is to purchase a vehicle, you must fill out an application for an annual membership. The fee for a one-year membership is $30.00. This is an annual fee. Each individual wishing to purchase a vehicle must have his/her own membership. All persons applying for a membership must show a valid driver’s license. Dealers and retail customers alike must get a new bidder badge sticker every time they attend a new auction.
7. Winning retail bidders are required to immediately approach the podium to sign the sales receipt. A cash deposit of $500 must be paid at this time. Then proceed directly to the office to pay the remainder of the 15% required deposit in cash, certified funds or MAC cards. Full payment and arbitration must be completed at the close of the next working day following the sale. Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE unless sale is voided under arbitration. No personal checks or money orders will be accepted.
8. Registered buyer and person to whom title is transferred must be the same.
9. Certain sellers prefer to sell their vehicles to dealers only. Please observe lit signs in the bidding lanes.
10. The Buyer is obligated to watch the Condition Lights and to understand the “Announced Conditions.” The Buyer is responsible for verifying the V.I.N number, model year and mileage of the vehicle against the invoice, title and related documents. Any discrepancies noted must be brought to the attention of the Auction on sale day so that corrected documents can be obtained.
11. If you do not accept a vehicle on which you are high bidder, you will be prohibited from bidding and your I.D. card will be destroyed. Please pay attention to the signs. “Dealers Only” means the general public cannot bid. “Public Sale” means all bidders are welcome.
12. The Auction does not guarantee the year of any Imported Car, House Trailer, Motor Home, Boat, Antique Car/Truck or Motorcycle. Satisfy yourself before settlement that the year of the Vehicle is the year it was represented to be. The Auction will not become involved in any subsequent dispute.
13. When vehicles are sold with an “IF” it means that the high bid was not sufficient to meet the minimum set by the seller. However, the bid was close enough to call the seller on the next business day so as to allow him to consider accepting the offer. Because bank personnel do not normally attend the sale, buyers of an “IF SALE” are expected to honor that bid if approval is granted by noon on the following business day. Storage charges on an approved “IF SALE” will not begin until four (4) business days following the sale.
14. The buyer is responsible for any damages incurred while vehicle is in his possession in event transaction is later voided.
15. The buyer is fully responsible for all expenses of verifying vehicle’s mechanical condition.
16. Brochures are distributed for the convenience of the buyer. Carriage Trade is NOT responsible for errors or omissions including odometer readings and equipment. The distribution of brochure does not relieve the responsibility of the buyer to thoroughly inspect the vehicle. The auction is not responsible for statements made by drivers or auction personnel as to mileage, equipment or mechanical condition of the vehicle.
17. It is the buyers responsibility to make certain all paperwork including title and vehicle identification number is in order prior to removing the vehicle from the premises.
18. All vehicles must be paid for and picked up within one working day following the sale. All vehicles remaining on the premises after noon on the second day following the sale will be charged a $25.00 moving fee and a $10.00 per day storage fee. The Auction reserves the right to void a sale if the vehicle is not paid for in full and picked up in the allocated time.

Selling conditions

VEHICLES MAY BE SOLD UNDER THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS: All vehicles sold for $1,999.00 or less are sold “as is-where is” “with all faults” and not returnable for any reason. Police cars, taxis, flood cars and recovered theft vehicles must be announced. Buyers Beware! If a vehicle is sold with the “24 hour guarantee” (green light lit) and the sale price is $1,999.00 or less, the guarantee is void and the vehicle is “as is-where is” “with all faults.” It is the Seller’s obligation to verify the accuracy of the pre-printed information on the Auction Sales Invoice as well as the “announced Conditions” and the Condition Lights on the car he is offering for sale. The Seller is also obligated to verify the accuracy of the mileage as it is written on the windshield and auction invoice. *The 24-HOUR GUARANTEE is to allow the Retail buyer time to take the vehicle to his mechanic to verify the conditions on which the vehicle was purchased. Dealers cannot arbitrate once the vehicle leaves the premises except for frame damage or cracked block. Only components listed below are covered unless excluded by specific mention under “Announced Defect.” Only items listed below are covered by auction warranty. The 24 Hour Guarantee expires at the close of the next business day regardless if the vehicle has not been picked up by the buyer. Sold under “GREEN” LIGHT:
A. MOTOR: Limited to internal engine parts, such as: pistons, rings, valves, lifter, camshaft, oil pump, bearings, timing gears and chains, cylinder block, head and intake manifold. EXCEPTIONS: 1.) Valve and lifter noise not covered on vehicles older than three years. (Current year included.) 2.) Timing gears on Tech 4 engines and HT 4100 noises are not arbitratable unless excessive as determined at the sole discretion of the auction.
B. TRANSMISSION: Limited to transmission case, gears, bearing, and torque converted. Clutch and assembly not covered on vehicles older than three years or over 50,000 miles. Current year included.
C. TRANSAXLE AND REAR: Limited to drive shaft, CV joints, front and rear axles and differential. CV boots are NOT covered. Rear noise in JEEP products is not arbitrable.
D. AIR CONDITIONER: Limited to compressor and condenser. (A.C. not covered on vehicle older than three years.) (Current year included.)
E. STEERING: The steering gear housing and all internal parts, power steering pump, valve body, piston and rack.
F. FRAME DAMAGE: Frame damage must be reported within 72 hours. Scrapes, jack damage, and damage to radiator supports are NOT considered frame damage. Excessive rusting or damage frames, floor boards, unitized body or body mounts must be announced even if repaired.
Sold under “RED” LIGHT:
*”As-Is, With all faults” – This motor vehicle is sold as is WITHOUT any WARRANTY either expressed or implied including frame damage and cracked block. The Purchaser will bear the ENTIRE EXPENSE of repairing or correcting any defects that may presently exists or that may occur in the vehicle sold under “Red” Light.
There are frequently announced defects which are not on your brochure. The “Yellow” light indicates a change in the brochure. Ask for explanation if you missed the announcement.

Arbitration policy

A. Auction policy does not permit monetary adjustments for verified arbitrable items, except at the seller’s discretion. Upon verification of any arbitrable item, the sale can be voided. If an accepted adjustment is made, the unit automatically becomes “AS-IS” with no further arbiration for mechanical defects.
B. Frame damage or frame repairs must be announced. Buyer must report frame damage within 72 hours to auction. Frame damage from normal use such as scrapes, minor dents, jack damage, lift marks or minor transportation tie down marks not resulting from an accident are not subject to arbitration. Excessive frame rust is grounds for arbitration. Radiator support damage is not considered to be frame damage.
C. Cracked blocks must be announced on all vehicles selling for $2000 and up. Buyers must report cracked block to the auction within 72 hours from day of sale.
D. Defects in engine, transmission and differentials as detailed under “Selling Conditions” must be announced.
E. Air conditioning limited to compressor and condenser on three model years including current year.
F. Broken, replaced, repaired or altered odometers must be announced and sold “True mileage unknown” (TMU). Broken odometers must be arbitrated before the vehicle leaves the premises.
G. Vehicles over 100,000 miles or true miles unknown (TMU) must be announced.
H. No heater, non-standard engine or transmission, altered or missing, emission equipment, or major exception to original or advertised production specifications for items deleted or added, must be announced.
I. Air bag restraint systems missing or currently deployed must be announced. Buyers must arbitrate vehicles on sale day.
J. Vehicles sold for $1999.00 or less are sold “As is-Where is” regardless if originally sold under the “Green” light.
K. A mechanic is on duty to handle mechanical complaints. Should the arbitrator verify a covered problem, the sale can become void. No cash adjustments will be made except at seller’s discretion. Although retail customers are permitted to arbitrate a vehicle after a mechanic’s approval, it is assumed that a professional automobile person has the knowledge and experience to appraise a mechanical problem on the auction premises. Therefore, once a dealer removes a vehicle from the auction, arbitration will not be considered with the exception of frame damage and cracked blocks.

Light system

GREEN LIGHT: Seller represents vehicle to be sound and subject to all arbitration policies as described under “Selling Conditions.” On recreation vehicles only engine, transmission and rear are covered. Exception: Vehicles sold for $1999.00 or less are sold “As is-Where is” regardless is sold under “Green Light”
YELLOW LIGHT: “Listen” used when making announcements or when a change in the brochure is in order. It is the sellers responsibility to make sure this light is lit when making announcements. It is the buyers responsibility to know the reason the yellow light is lit.
RED LIGHT: Vehicle is sold “As is with all faults” including a cracked engine block and damaged or rusted frame.
BLUE LIGHT: “Title Attached’
Assignable title does not accompany a car. May require ten (10) days, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and National Holidays, for the Auction to receive title from Seller. Buyer is cautioned not to spend any money on, not to Excessively Drive, not to Damage, and not to Sell any Title Attached unit until the title is received by the auction. After the ten (10) day period, special arrangements must be made with the Auction prior to the unit’s return to the Sale. The Auction must be notified 24 hours prior to the car being returned to the Auction. If the title has been received by the Auction before the Buyer notifies of his intention to return the unit, the car cannot be returned. The auction will not become involved with any expenses the buyer may incur as a result of buying and or returning any title attached car.
MAROON LIGHT: DEALERS ONLY. The seller reserves the right to restrict selling to dealers only. Therefore the retail public are not permitted to bid.
NAVY LIGHT: Public Sale. All bidders are welcome.
ORANGE LIGHT: Over 100,000 miles or true mileage unknown (TMU).

Tags and titles

In accordance with Penna. State Regulations, we are required to transfer the title into your name. Your only options are:
1. You may purchase new tags. You must have a valid drivers license as well as a valid insurance card in your name. Only original cards are acceptable.
2. You may transfer your plates if the expiration date is three months or more.
3. Pennsylvania residents desiring to transfer title without purchasing tags, must still pay Penna. Sales Tax. This process takes 4 to 6 weeks thru Harrisburg. However the Auction cannot guarantee delivery by any specific date.
4. Out of state buyers may purchase a transportation tag. You must provide a valid out of state drivers license and proof of insurance.
5. If you are a Dealer and the vehicle you purchased is sold with a 24 hour guarantee, title transfer will be delayed 24 hours. You may take the title immediately if you insist, however, the 24 hour guarantee is voided and the vehicle is “AS IS with all faults.”
6. All Buyers must specify if titles are to be mailed. Otherwise titles will be held at Carriage Trade.


Brochures are distributed for the convenience of the buyer. Carriage Trade is NOT responsible for errors or omissions including odometer readings and equipment. The distribution of brochures does not relieve the responsibility of the buyer to thoroughly inspect the vehicle.


Space permitting Carriage Trade will accept vehicles for sale from individuals and dealers with favorable buyer history at Carriage Trade. Policy as follows:
1. All vehicles must be registered by 5:00 p.m. on the last business day prior to the sale.
2. All titles must be correct by Carriage Trade standards.
3. Substitutions may be made by 5:00 p.m. on the last business day prior to the sale.
4. Please remove all personnel property including license plates. Carriage Trade will not be responsible for the same.
5. Carriage Trade is not responsible for theft or damage while vehicle is in our possession; please keep insurance coverage until transaction is completed.
6. Consigned vehicle not sold at Auction must be:
A. Removed from the premises within two business days after sale.
B. Rerun at the next auction.
C. Subject to a $10.00 per day storage fee if neither A nor B is accomplished.

Membership fees

Your public registration is good for one year from the date of purchase. There are NO REFUNDS for public registrations.